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Welcome to Golden T Studios...

Our main product is fun-to-play games with a simple interface.
But not only that, we also encourage you all to make your own game.
We give you a powerful game engine called Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) in here.

So here we are.. Golden T Studios :: Fun & Education Center.

What are you waiting for? Come and join our game developer community and start making your dream game!
Do not know where to start? Don't worry, you could start by visiting our forum and ask how to begin game programming.

And be sure to check out our game articles.

Help Us: We hope you can help us by spreading the word about GTGE and makes our communities even bigger.

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01 March 2006

Site News: The site is up now! We are very sorry for the website downtime on 13-28 February 2006 (about two weeks), the downtime is caused by the website is completely out of bandwidth. Thanks for many support email I got from the GTGE members and big thanks for who that kindly donate for the website, I truly appreciate it.

03 February 2006

Site News: The site theme has been changed! The theme is made by RarePinda, one of GTGE member, thanks for making such a nice site template. RarePinda is developing isometric MMORPG game using GTGE, visit his site at

01 January 2006

» Happy New Year 2006 «

May this year full of joy and games :-)

Game Released: CyOnBreak is a classic breakout game, contains 100 levels in 5 levelpacks, comes with a nice graphics, sound, and smooth gameplay.

25 December 2005

GTGE team wishing you a Merry Christmas 2005.

21 December 2005

Site News: More and more games are being developed with GTGE, platformer, RPG, shooter, arcade, puzzle, fighting, and some of them are even multiplayer networked game. These are two new submitted games.

Game Released: Bug Trap, sokoban clone, a puzzle game with over 100+ levels of varying degrees of difficulty. Bring you hours of entertainment.

Game Released: PongX, a classic pong game with a new twist, two paddles and two goals, makes playing pong game more interesting.

15 December 2005

Game Released: New game released, shooter game with education theme, Math Invaders, combining education in space invader shoot 'em up kind of game, bring you both fun and math calculation at once.

14 November 2005

Game Released: More new game released and this game is a new game genre developed with GTGE, a music game, Midi Madness, just follow the rhythm to play the game.

27 October 2005

Game Released: A new game, pacman game clone, 2Pac, Man! released. 2Pac, Man! gives you the old style pacman game with additional gameplay, controlling 2 pacman with the same key. Comes with enjoyable graphics, sounds, and music makes this pacman different than others pacman game out there.

19 October 2005

Game Released: New puzzle game added, MindYaBlox developed by Fujeyla-Studio. MindYaBlox is a puzzle game with an automatic level generation, thus you can challenge as many levels as you want. MindYaBlox comes with a very nice graphics and sounds to give you an entertaining puzzle game experience.

08 September 2005

Game Released: A new puzzle game added to the site, RockBlocks - comes with 42 levels.

07 September 2005

New Forum: Due to security reason, the old forum has been changed, visit the new forum at
Read the new forum discussion here and post your comments about our new shiny forum.

02 August 2005

Games Site Down: For a few days/weeks lately, the server where the games hosted on is down (unaccessible), means almost all the games and the games source code can not be downloaded, sorry for the inconvenience. For information, the games are hosted on, so don't be confused if you click to play/download the games in here and you are trying to access randompanties :) Only games that hosted in there, all other things are still available to download.

Game Released: A new different version of twisted puzzle game, Gumball Gauntlet Mike, is released. This version is slightly different with the previous version of Gumball Gauntlet.


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