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Unsolicited comments by some of GTGE users :
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Rizwan Yasin Khan (Numlian)
"I am interesting in programming games, but before GTGE I develop some small 2-D games in C using its rough BGI library, from which I fed up. Then I got a cool and yet easy engine in my favourite language Java. Can you guess what engine that is? Sure it's GTGE."
December 30, 2005
"Really nice and simple game engine for everybody who wants to make a game, it's perfect.
Lots of nice and really friendly people in the forum.
Well done, Paupau!!!"
December 18, 2005
"Paupau has done a really nice job at providing an excessible, capable engine. Our six-person team at the University of Oregon was able to produce Gumball Gauntlet in five weeks, and that's with us working on it part time (we're all busy students with other classes, jobs and other responsibilities).

Thank you Paupau!"
August 29, 2005
"GTGE is very clean and consistent. It makes it very easy to develop a game in Java that performs VERY well. If you are developing a Java 2D game then you should use GTGE - there is no need to write your own gaming engine, this one does just about everything you need (except write your game for you!)."
July 26, 2005
David H
"One of the greatest, most flexible, and easiest tools I have ever set my hands on. An outstanding library of code that every 2D game programmer should have."
July 08, 2005
Nicholas Klaebe
"After 6 years of not making a game, I have tried my hand at game making in Java. GTGE has nearly all of the tools needed and a surprisingly easy "it just works" philosophy that is very refreshing. I have been able to progress in the game development much faster than I thought would have been possible. Good work! Highly recommended."
May 13, 2005
Darien Taylor
"Amazing work that you have done here. Simple and easy to use engine yet it's VERY flexible. Keep up the good work."
May 09, 2005
Mark Oehler
"This is by far the most organized and modernized website I have seen for a long, long time. Text color is good too, it is easy to read."
April 19, 2005
"This is perfect for Java programmer... Like me."
March 06, 2005
Paul Rene, Independent Game Developer
"Great framework! It's lightweight, fast and easy to learn. It contains easy extensible common objects that saves a lot of work."
February 17, 2005
Snap Noris
"A few months ago I have decided to make a game, and it was very dificult to start. GTGE makes it much more easier. This is a Great Package, exactly what I was looking for. Congratulations!!!"
February 03, 2005
"GTGE is one of the best Java Gaming Libraries. Coupled with a good high resolution timer such as GAGE timer or the new nano timer in Java, game programming in Java is easy and precise."
November 12, 2004
Paulus Tuerah, GTGE Developer Team
"First testimonial wohooo!"
November 08, 2004

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Paulus Tuerah
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