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  GTGE Design Standard  


Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) is designed with three basic rules :

  • Simplicity : The first and the most important rule is ease-to-use.
    We always try to keep everything simple. It simply, if you want this, use this, no more low level programming, cos we have taken all that for you! GTGE abstracts you away from hardcode programming.
    This rule is based on the famous Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) concept.
    GTGE is designed to make you, as the game developer, feel the most comfortable and code with full efficiency.
  • Generic : GTGE is a generic game engine.
    Generic means GTGE library is designed not to meet some kinds of specific game, but can cover wide game types.
    Therefore don't ask us to make something specific for your game, you should extend the API by yourself, GTGE API is fully extensible to suit your game needs.
    But don't worry, we have a pack example of many game genres, such as platformer game, role playing game, arcade game, etc (you could see it in our games section).
    That way you could easily understand how to make those kind of games (it's a demo game, it should be very easy to understand it only by reading the source code) and start writing your own game from scratch or feel free to expand it.
  • Replacable : Every core part of GTGE is fully replacable.
    We always want you to become a real game programmer, not fully dependent of any game engine.
    GTGE is carefully designed by using interface and a very extensible class. That way you can replace anything in GTGE. You can learn everything and replace any parts of GTGE anytime, perhaps at the end you have created your own game engine!
    Right now you can concentrate to the game development and later replace everything that you feel inadequate.

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