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Golden T Studios is an independent game development company located in Medan, Indonesia.

The company initial purpose is to develop a simple, fun, challenging, and online game using Java programming language. We choose Java programming language because of Java is a modern high-level programming language that comes with powerful OOP, easier to learn, good known on networking support, widely used, portable, and free.

During the game development, we through many complicated, bothersome, and hidden bugs in Java. There are many pitfall for a newbie to make a game using Java technology. After a year of experiment finding the most efficient way, less buggy, designing and simplifying many things, we decided to aside the game development and develop a truly easy to use yet powerful Java Game Engine.

The objective is to make a game engine that abstracts programmer from low-level programming, providing a simple, generic, and efficient game programming library that able to develop a high quality 2D games in easy way yet robust and powerful. The game engine should be simple enough for a newbie to create the game foundation in no time and generic enough to be able to make any kind of games.

And finally the game engine is published freely in this site and named as Golden T Game Engine (GTGE).

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Paulus Tuerah

paupauPosition: Founder, CEO, Lead Programmer, Web Master, Web Designer
Location: Medan, Indonesia
Nick Name: [J2D-GOLDEN] Paupau
Skills: Java Desktop, C#, Delphi, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, PHP, Database SQL

Paulus Tuerah is the founder and the lead programmer for almost everything in Golden T Studios.

He got into the programming world because of his addiction on playing game. If it's the time for playing game, he spends most of his time by playing strategy, action, puzzle, roleplaying, or casual games. After playing too much, he wanted to make a game by himself and all is started from there...

He is also the designer and the web master of this website. If something goes wrong, he is the one who responsibles for that. - Java Games and Game Engine © 2021  :: Contact Us ::
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