Golden T Game Engine (GTGE), v 0.2.3
API Specification

The API Documentation of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE), an Advanced Java Game Library.


Core Packages
com.golden.gamedev The core package of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Frame Work
(this package is where you should start first).
com.golden.gamedev.engine Provides the base engines that interfacing GTGE users to hardware level abstraction. Audio engine implementation. Graphics engine implementation.
com.golden.gamedev.engine.input Input engine implementation.
com.golden.gamedev.engine.timer Timer engine implementation.
com.golden.gamedev.util Provides important utility classes, such as utility for array, file, image, etc.


Game Object Packages
com.golden.gamedev.object This package is the heart of the game, containing objects visible in the game, such as sprite class, background class, etc.
com.golden.gamedev.object.background Background implementation.
com.golden.gamedev.object.background.abstraction Advanced background abstraction, this package gives a flexible way to create advanced background specific to your game.
com.golden.gamedev.object.collision Collision implementation.
com.golden.gamedev.object.font Game font implementation.
com.golden.gamedev.object.sprite Sprite implementation.


Miscellaneous Packages
com.golden.gamedev.funbox Provides miscellanous classes to enhance the game creation.


The API Documentation of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE), an Advanced Java Game Library.

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