Package com.golden.gamedev

The core package of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Frame Work
(this package is where you should start first).


Class Summary
Game Game class is Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) core class that initializes all GTGE game engines, wrap the engines up, and setup the basic game frame work to be play on.
GameEngine Extending Game class functionality to be able to handle multiple game screen in order to separate game logic into separated entities.
GameLoader GameLoader class is the class that manages Game class initialization.
GameObject Similar like Game class except this class is working under GameEngine frame work.

Package com.golden.gamedev Description

The core package of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Frame Work
(this package is where you should start first).

This package consists of :

All the game engines have been setup within this package : the rendering to the screen, polling user input (keyboard/mouse), timing in the game, loading images, playing sounds, etc, thus only with this package you can straight making a game!
You could start design the game and use the engines to make up the game from scratch, you could load a bunch of images and show it to the screen, move the images based on user input, playing music in the game, etc, all things needed for making a game has been provided by this package.

However you might want to check GTGE solution to sprite management in com.golden.gamedev.object package.
GTGE provides a sprite management in clean way : handling many sprites (object in the game) with easily, detecting collisions of one against another sprite without much effort, and you can use up various background types in the game (eg: tile background, parallax background, etc).
With GTGE sprite management, your game development would be much easier!

How to use this package :
Start from subclassing Game class and make your game in it, then load/initialize the class using GameLoader class.
After the game is getting bigger and the game logic is urgently need to be in separated entities (eg: separating title menu from the game play), use GameEngine class with its companion class, the GameObject class.

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