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Packages that use CollisionManager
com.golden.gamedev.object This package is the heart of the game, containing objects visible in the game, such as sprite class, background class, etc. 
com.golden.gamedev.object.collision Collision implementation. 

Uses of CollisionManager in com.golden.gamedev.object

Methods in com.golden.gamedev.object that return CollisionManager
 CollisionManager PlayField.getCollisionGroup(SpriteGroup group)
          Returns any collision group associated with specified sprite group.
 CollisionManager PlayField.getCollisionGroup(SpriteGroup group1, SpriteGroup group2)
          Returns associated collision group that checking collision of group1 and group2, or null if requested collision group can not be found.
 CollisionManager[] PlayField.getCollisionGroups()
          Returns all collision group associated with this playfield.

Methods in com.golden.gamedev.object with parameters of type CollisionManager
 void PlayField.addCollisionGroup(SpriteGroup group1, SpriteGroup group2, CollisionManager collisionGroup)
          Associates specified collision group to this playfield.
 boolean PlayField.removeCollisionGroup(CollisionManager collisionGroup)
          Removes specified collision group from this playfield.

Uses of CollisionManager in com.golden.gamedev.object.collision

Subclasses of CollisionManager in com.golden.gamedev.object.collision
 class AdvanceCollisionGroup
          Accurates collision check that able to check collision between one sprite with many sprites (one to many collision check).
 class BasicCollisionGroup
          Basic collision check, only check whether a collision occured or not.
 class CollisionBounds
          Checks collision for specified boundary.
 class CollisionGroup
          Basic collision check, with calculation of some collision events, such as collision side, and sprite return position.
 class PreciseCollisionGroup
          Subclass of CollisionGroup that calculate precise sprite position after collision.


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