Uses of Interface

Packages that use BaseInput
com.golden.gamedev The core package of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Frame Work
(this package is where you should start first)
com.golden.gamedev.engine.input Input engine implementation. 
com.golden.gamedev.funbox Provides miscellanous classes to enhance the game creation. 

Uses of BaseInput in com.golden.gamedev

Fields in com.golden.gamedev declared as BaseInput
 BaseInput GameObject.bsInput
          Input engine.
 BaseInput Game.bsInput
          Input engine.

Uses of BaseInput in com.golden.gamedev.engine.input

Classes in com.golden.gamedev.engine.input that implement BaseInput
 class AWTInput
          Input engine using AWT Component as the input listener.

Uses of BaseInput in com.golden.gamedev.funbox

Fields in com.golden.gamedev.funbox declared as BaseInput
 BaseInput KeyCapture.input
          BaseInput associated with this key capture.

Constructors in com.golden.gamedev.funbox with parameters of type BaseInput
KeyCapture(BaseInput input, int[] key, int delay)
          Creates new KeyCapture with specified input, key, delay, and listener.
KeyCapture(BaseInput input, String keyString, int delay)
          Creates new KeyCapture with specified input, key sequence in string, delay, and listener.


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