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Packages that use BaseGraphics
com.golden.gamedev The core package of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Frame Work
(this package is where you should start first) Graphics engine implementation. 
com.golden.gamedev.funbox Provides miscellanous classes to enhance the game creation. 

Uses of BaseGraphics in com.golden.gamedev

Classes in com.golden.gamedev that implement BaseGraphics
 class GameLoader
          GameLoader class is the class that manages Game class initialization.

Fields in com.golden.gamedev declared as BaseGraphics
 BaseGraphics GameObject.bsGraphics
          Graphics engine.
 BaseGraphics Game.bsGraphics
          Graphics engine.
protected  BaseGraphics GameLoader.gfx
          Graphics engine loaded by this GameLoader.

Uses of BaseGraphics in

Classes in that implement BaseGraphics
 class AppletMode
          Graphics engine for Applet Environment.
 class FullScreenMode
          Graphics engine for Full Screen Exclusive Environment (FSEM).
 class WindowedMode
          Graphics engine for Windowed Environment.

Uses of BaseGraphics in com.golden.gamedev.funbox

Fields in com.golden.gamedev.funbox declared as BaseGraphics
protected  BaseGraphics ErrorNotificationDialog.bsGraphics
          The graphics engine used by the game.

Constructors in com.golden.gamedev.funbox with parameters of type BaseGraphics
ErrorNotificationDialog(Throwable error, BaseGraphics bsGraphics, String title, String emailAddress)
          Builds up an error notification dialog for the player.


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