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com.golden.gamedev The core package of Golden T Game Engine (GTGE) Frame Work
(this package is where you should start first)
com.golden.gamedev.funbox Provides miscellanous classes to enhance the game creation. 

Uses of Game in com.golden.gamedev

Subclasses of Game in com.golden.gamedev
 class GameEngine
          Extending Game class functionality to be able to handle multiple game screen in order to separate game logic into separated entities.

Fields in com.golden.gamedev declared as Game
protected  Game
          The game (subclass of Game class) initialized by this GameLoader.

Methods in com.golden.gamedev that return Game
protected  Game GameLoader.createAppletGame()
          To play game in applet environment, GameLoader class need to be subclassed and this method need to be override to return the actual game object.
 Game GameLoader.getGame()
          Returns the game associated with this game loader or null if this game loader has not loaded any game.

Methods in com.golden.gamedev with parameters of type Game
 void GameLoader.setup(Game game, Dimension d, boolean fullscreen)
          Initializes graphics engine with specified size, mode, using bufferstrategy by default, and associates it with specified Game object.
 void GameLoader.setup(Game game, Dimension d, boolean fullscreen, boolean bufferstrategy)
          Initializes graphics engine with specified size, mode, bufferstrategy, and associates it with specified Game object.

Uses of Game in com.golden.gamedev.funbox

Subclasses of Game in com.golden.gamedev.funbox
 class LibInfo
          Class to inform beginner GTGE users that GTGE is a library, thus it can't be run by double clicking it like a normal application, GTGE does not have any GUI/form/frame.


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